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Overhead Line System

Trampower overhead line system

As well as the light rail technology incorporated in the City Class Tram we have also developed unique technology for light rail infrastructure, which can significantly reduce the cost and lead time of implementing Light Rail schemes.

We have registered international patents for our Overhead Line technology technology.

  • Electrical - low resistivity from larger cross section conductor.
  • Mechanical - can stand loadings from wind, weather and pantographs.
  • Capital cost - reduction through fewer parts.
  • Single OHL wire - with equal pressure sag.
  • Larger diameter (14mm) (150mm²) - but higher unit weight.
  • Fewer support masts - typically 50m spacing.
  • Simpler suspension systems - no registration arms.
  • New simpler tensioning.
  • Suitable for speeds up to 150 km/h.
  • Low cost electrification and communications for secondary rail lines.
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