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System Application

Applications of Trampower technologies
  • Synergy from use of all three TRAM Power technologies.
  • Tramways proven to attract car commuters to reduce traffic.
  • Significant environmental benefits from lower pollution and congestion.
  • Renewable generation gives carbon-free sustainable energy.
  • Faster instalation and less urban disruption reduces capital costs.
  • Power generation revenue means private capital can be used.
  • In the many conurbations, privately funded tramways can be viable.
  • Allows tramways to be considered in small towns (eg. population of 75,000)
  • Standardisation of equipment means lower system operating costs.
  • Tramways can be built in sensitive areas, as LR55 tracks and OHL have minimum disturbance during installation and a low visual impact.
  • The construction of a demonstration tramway is due to start in 2011 in Preston. This will use all three key Tram Power technologies.
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