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LR55 Track

LR55 track diagram LR55 track 3-d view LR55 track set in foundation track trough.

New tramway and light rail systems need tram tracks laid in city streets. Existing systems need to replace worn tramway tracks. LR55 is a fast, low cost and minimal disruptive way to get smooth, quiet and long life tracks.
As well as the light rail technology incorporated in the City Class Tram we have also developed unique technology for light rail infrastructure, which can significantly reduce the cost and lead time of implementing (Light) Rail schemes.

  • Tram Power is working with pre-caster ACO for a production version of the foundation track trough.
  • Rapid installation (up to 100m per 8 hr possession).
  • Minimum relocation of under street utility plant.
  • Full traffic compatibility (rail and road vehicles).
  • Low pressures into road structure (less than 200 MPa).
  • Low stray currents (resistivity more than 1000 Ω /km).
  • Less noise and vibration (less than 20Hz ~ 30dB, >100Hz ~ 50dB, nat. freq ~ 800Hz).
  • Compatible with utility (maintenance) access during operating hours.
  • Transition rail available to all existing profiles.
  • Curves to 12m radium & 25 m radius turnout, switch and crossing.
  • Compatible with main line axle loads,egĀ  for tunnel enlargement.
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