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Tram Power Video Gallery

Screen 2

Birkenhead (inside car)
The camera is at the front of the City Class looking back along its whole length, as it climbs a 8% hill, passes over a 20m reverse curve, descends a 4% grade, before stopping on a 15m radius curve.

Screen 1

Blackpool (outside car)
The City Class leaves the Depot in Blackpool at the start of a duty day, and later is seen passing the famous Tower on the seaside Promenade.

Screen 4

Birkenhead (inside car)
A view from near the mid point inside the City Class tram as it rounds a 20m curve.

Screen 3

Birkenhead (outside car)
The City Class starts up a 8% hill, passes over a 20m reverse curve, then is seen disappearing down a 4% gradient. Notice the lack of wheel squeal.