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Artists view of the new City Class Tram

Tram Power Ltd.

48 Watling Street
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Tram Power is a privately owned British Company dedicated to the design, development and promotion of light rail technology that is Safe, Efficient, Reliable and Affordable.

A full refurbishment of the demonstrator City Class tram has been completed. Preparations are being made to run this again, so that it can be inspected by prospective customers. Photos of this can be found in the image gallery. We were approached by Interfleet, commissioned by CENTRO to evaluate the tram. We understand that their report was favourable to the City Class tram.

The LR55 installation on the Sheffield Supertram will have been in situ for 14 years by March 2010. Regular inspection shows little wear and the PU bonding remains strong, indicating a maintenance free life of over 30 years.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the new Tram power web site.
Please contact us by using the contact form or the email address provided.

Quiet electric trams will run safely on new tracks laid beside the path, as in many cities. There are many other places in Britain where Tram power’s approach will bring sustainable and attractive transport.

Be part of the Tram Power revolution by downloading the offer document HERE.

People living in Preston (PR post code) are especially invited to invest as little as £100. People living outside Preston, can also invest (minimum £1000). All financial returns depend on the number of passengers carried and the trading position of the operating company.
We expect to pay modest dividends on shares issued of about 2% pa initially, which could rise to over 10% pa, when our forecast patronage is achieved. These are full risk shares. Do not invest funds you cannot afford to be without.


Tram Power is pioneering sustainable urban travel. If you share our vision for towns and cities with less motor traffic and pollution, please invest now. Our new tramway in Preston, will have trams whizzing between a park and ride site on the M6, and the City Centre.
Convenient tram stops to will make getting on and off easy, even in a wheelchair or with a baby buggy.

Closed rural railway lines have been reopened by enthusiasts, subscribing the funds to lay tracks, restore carriages and run trains. If they can do it, so can we. Trams benefit everyone. A subscription in Tram Power Ltd. will help get the GUILD tram running. This will reopen part of the closed Longridge railway. The foot and cycle path will be retained and improved.

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